Opus 1 Giant Hell Cat




This video centers around the archetype of a delusional man who creates the theory that he is being followed and watched by a girl he once met who said bless you to him after he sneezed. Throughout the video whenever he sneezes he can hear her say bless you even though she is seemingly not around.

This film uses crossfades between scenes to demonstrate the passage of time. These crossfades make the fats pace of this video to broken up into separate scenes that occur at times that are hours apart.

This film also uses color to distinguish the differences between reality and conspiracy/imagined. All of the shots that are known to take place in reality or concrete space are left to their natural colors and slightly sharpened to add a sense of clarity of what is real. All of the shots that are seen to be possible figments of imagination or not based in reality have been desaturated and toned to black and white. This links the idea that reality is complex and full of color with may things happening all at once. While the imagined shots are “black and white” or are a concrete perception of where this “stalker” would be hiding and reaching out from. In these scenes the stalker has no movement or sense of identity to limit the probability that the stalker actually exists. In this way the grayed out color is representing what the viewer can understand is probable but not reality. This color association guides the viewer to formulate these concepts.

The shots are also taken from only two different perspectives per scene. The one perspective is that of the stalker and the other is following the delusional man. The perspective following the man shows his movement and there is a large amount of space for him to occupy. We see this man reacting to his perception of the stalker without seeing the stalker. The perspective of the stalker is very limited and direct. The soul objective is to watch the man. This perspective seems awkward since most people would not be in those places ( under beds, under counters, watching from below, and from behind walls). Since the perspective is really limited in comparison to the perspective following the delusional man, it can be seen as less realistic.

Kinetic Type

Project Assignment – Pick a piece of artwork by Eduardo Paolozzi and pick a font style that fits with his work and with an overall square dimensioned ad for an upcoming art exhibit showing his work at the Floworks Museum in Amsterdam.

Visual Research

Paolozzi had many different pieces of artwork that included icons and textiles and different arrangements of shape and color. Most of these images can be found on the website for the Tate Museum which houses a large sum of his work.

Eventually the Image chosen for this Kinetic Type ad would be this one:


This one was chosen for it’s use of grid layout and it’s stunning color choices.

From there the basic layout of the grid system was implemented. The image was placed in the center of the square and slightly moved downward. After this, the remaining edges were assigned color values sampled directly from the Paolozzi’s artwork. They were intentionally aligned to be shifted so that the grid layout could convey movement and help direct the eye. In this way, the forms of the color blocks become dynamic and the theme of kinetic type is further strengthened through the design of the background.

Below are 4 different layouts for a Kinetic Type ad using the information above.

Video Created by Nicholas Blake – 2 layouts involving type moving onto the layout to create the ad.

Video created by Tasha Steinhauer – 2 layouts involving type opacity to convey movement and create an ad.

After searching DaFont and other font websites thoroughly, we decided to use a typeface called Barna Break. This type was used to accentuate the methodical placement of lines in this artist’s pieces. The breaking of lines in the type was mirrored to the importance of line and shoe in Paolozzi’s work.

Font Analysis



Font Analysis of Futura Typeface. Animation by Amanda McMahon, Soundtrack by Sarah Lieberman, and background space images by Tasha Steinhauer.

Below are studies for this background. Created in photoshop with free downloadable space brushes.

2coolgalaxysbackgroundlongmorecolorgalaxyincornermeteorsfalling like feathersmeteorsfalling1middlegalaxyspacelargerformatallplanetsspacelargerformatblank

Deaths First Day

This is the progress on a short animation I am doing about deaths first day. The story line basically goes like this : Death sets a death cat, he pokes it, a large cat soul emerges from the body, he’s a little scared by it but it’s cute, he tries to poke it again but it doesn’t let him, in the end he pokes it and it explodes into 9 mini cat souls with eight returning to the body and it gets up an walks away, one small piece stays behind.

Frames created in photoshop with use of drawing tablet.

Sock Puppet Murder Mystery

This is a sock puppet murder mystery based on the principles of surreality and messthetics. The story follows a sock puppet who’s husband has been murdered. In the long process of dealing with the aftermath, she must speak with the police and get through the grieving process. The flashes of photos show how often when people try to remember the ones they love, they often think of their death rather then their life.

The video portions have decreased saturation so that the tones are in a closer range to each other. The background also has a dark border. These are used to put emphasis on the foreground while making the background dull and less important.

The use of color for the flashes, the red, is to associate the color red with the death of the husband. It also brings the focus back to the blood, highlighting the messthetics. The Wife dress is also a red, although less seen through the decreased saturation, it links the color red to both the violence of the issue, but also the immense feelings that are occurring. The wife cries out and expresses her emotions vividly, making the red synonymous with deep emotions, which violence and death lead to.

The camera pan adds a diverse quality to the video shots. It allows wife to be the focus of the shot for a moment and then the background (body outline) to pass by a bit slower. This splits the emphasis between the wife and the place where he husband once was. This helps to clarify that the video is not only about the feelings that the wife is demonstrating, but the process of death and how the wife handles it simultaneously.

Font Analysis

Mood Boards

1) Created by Tasha Steinhauer


2) Created by Sarah Lieberman



Research on free download photoshop brushes

Sparkle brushes, space brushes, plants brushes, moon brushes, and deep space brushes


All deep space brush


Composition using brushes downloaded.